Trust A Curriculum Rooted In Research And Results

Mother Goose Time© uses child development theories and brain research to produce a unique model of teacher support, child experience, and family engagement. It’s aligned with state standards and nationally recognized by NAEYC for your confidence.

Learners Develop Across Essential Subject Areas

The integrated curriculum system uniquely weaves an array of research-based skills into engaging games and activities across 7 foundational domains. Working across disciplines, your child develops their social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive skills. 

With Mother Goose Time©, Children Explore 7 Domains Of Development:

Exciting Themes Make Learning Meaningful

Themes help your child to use their knowledge and build connections through real-life experiences integrating colors, shapes, numbers, and letters of the month. Each month’s theme organizes new information around a unified context to help learners understand themselves, make healthy life choices, and think critically.

Authentic Assessment Helps Document Your Child’s Progress

Learning is a process, and Authentic Assessment allows teachers to capture learning as it happens. The Experience Early Learning Assessment System includes helpful resources to help document your child’s learning progress through natural and intentional observations that support and steer overall development.

Teachers Use These Tools To Assess Your Child:

Fun Art Projects Bring Creativity To Life

Children have access to tons of amazing supplies that allow them to get artistic and explore their creativity. They participate in engaging projects that promote self-expression and use their imaginations to create marvelous masterpieces.

STEAM Learning Prepares Children For High-Level Success

STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Math) lessons, activities, and projects allow your child to master problem-solving, innovation, experimentation, and use of technology. As a result, they feel confident about navigating a high-tech and advancing society.

Experienced Teachers Implement The Curriculum With Skill

Teachers offer resources and support that help your child succeed and learn everything they need to reach their next academic steps. They guide your child’s learning with support, compassion, dedication, and early childhood expertise.

Productivity & Success In A Well-Equipped Environment

Your child explores classrooms stocked with age-appropriate learning materials designed to strengthen and inspire their minds. Engaging, effective materials like posters, workbooks, art supplies, flashcards, and more help elevate their learning process.

How Old Is Your Child?


2 - 15 months


16 months - 2.8 years

16 months -
2.8 years


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K-11 years

Summer Explorers

K-11 years

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